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You Are Not in Control of Your Internet Presence...

  • You don't know who your website hosting provider is

  • You don't know your domain name registrar

  • You don't have the user name and password to your domain name account

  • You are not listed as the domain name administrator

  • Your website does not feature video

  • You cannot update any content on your website within twenty-four hours

  • You have never been shown performance statistics from your website

  • You don't know if your website is set up for Google Analytics data feedback

  • You have never been introduced to the advantages of Pay-Per-Click AdWords promotion

  • You see YouTube as just a social media website

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Where We Are with Video Media

The Internet has grown up! Since I began designing websites and providing Internet design and hosting services in 1999, there has been a huge expansion in bandwidth and processing speed which makes the Internet more exciting and useful than ever. Google has triumphed in inventing a new media advertising industry. There has been convergence in video media and the Internet, and you can be part of it now!

Consumers have always wanted the Internet to possess the content and convenience of television. Today, we are there. Go Pro and excellent cell phone video applications have self-produced video on the verge of exploding like "selfie" still photos have. Roman Communications has the experience and expertise to help your business achieve this next level in marketing media success through the two most powerful media elements ever created: the sight, sound, motion and emotion of video and the constant presence, interactivity and targeting ability of the Internet.

Roman Communications manages Internet services for a small, select group of clients that enjoy the one-to-one personal customer service that helps save time, money and generates revenue. We provide website design, hosting, and digital editing and marketing services that will put you in control of your business presence online.

The "gatekeepers" are still hanging on, swinging from television towers everywhere and still charging a lot for production. Cable video production facilities have retreated and offer only what their local access contracts require. Also, they all subscribe to video production standards that are not even useful on the Internet. Enter YouTube.

YouTube has standardized formats and their amazing platform is available for your business now. The future of video media is on your hip, in your purse on in your hand: your excellent cell phone video capability. Search YouTube and you will find "How To's" on actually shooting movies with an iPhone 4S! But once you have your raw footage, what next? Roman Communications can introduce you to all YouTube has to offer, provide video editing and production assistance plus co-ordinate the presentation of your video content on your website.

Contact us today and let's plan to see how we can get you in control of your media messages on the internet.

Randy Roman, Owner
Roman Communications

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